Community Demographics & Infrastructure

Important Contacts

Brad McRae
Chief Administrative Officer,
Department of Administration & Planning
Phone: 250.256.4289

Deputy Clerk
Phone: 250.256.4289


As of the 2011 census, the District of Lillooet had a population estimate of 2,322 people. Including the surrounding communities that use Lillooet as their trading centre, the total is estimated at 5,000. 



Lillooet Airport

The District of Lillooet owns and operates a municipal aerodrome located at 325 Jones Road (exit from Highway 12 onto Airport Road) on the East side of the Fraser River.

The runway is 3,990 feet long and 70 feet wide with a clearing of 50 feet and will land a 40,000 pound plane.

The services provided by the Lillooet Municipal Airport are fuel sales, tie downs, pilot lounge and two trailer pad rentals.

Fuel sales are via an automated Card Lock System. This system accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card and our own Lillooet Municipal Airport credit cards.

The District of Lillooet is currently reviewing the possibility of extending the runway to 5,000 feet and adding lighting.

Fuel Prices

Jet A       $1.60 / litre
100 LL    $1.80 / litre
(Tax Included) (Prices Effective July 10, 2012)

Contact numbers are as follows: To use your calling card you must first call 1-800-555-1111

Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm 250-256-4289
Weekend and Holidays  250-256-3448
Kamloops Traffic Control 250-376-7941
Police, Fire, Ambulance Dial  911



Water Systems

The District of Lillooet has 3 separate Municipal Water Systems.

Central Lillooet is served by surface water, from Town Creek, and a system of 3 wells. There is one additional well drilled that has not yet been added to the system.

North Lillooet is served by surface water from Dickey Creek. In an emergency there is an interconnect system that allows water from the Central Lillooet System flow into the North Lillooet System.

Industrial Park is located at the East end of the Bridge of the 23 Camels. This industrial park is served by a small municipal well.

East Lillooet is not served by a municipal water system. All areas, excluding the Industrial Park, have private wells or private surface water systems.

South Lillooet is served by private wells or private surface water systems.

The District of Lillooet is currently undertaking the process of creating a District wide Water Master Plan. The plan is expected to be completed by Spring 2007.

In addition, council has applied for 2 infrastructure grants.

One to replace a 250,000 gallon wooden reservoir with a 750,000 gallon reservoir.

Another grant is for the installation of water trunk lines in East Lillooet.


Sewer Systems

In Lillooet, only Central Lillooet has a municipal sewer system. North, East and South Lillooet are served by private systems (septic tanks).

In 2004, the District of Lillooet replaced the Central Lillooet Spirogester with a Waste Water Treatment Plant. This project was funded by the Canada / BC Infrastructure program where the municipality contributed 1/3rd and the Federal and Provincial Governments each contributed 1/3rd.


Roads & Streets

The District of Lillooet maintains 52 kilometres of roads. There is a capital maintenance program that spends $130,000 every other year to re-surface roads and improve drainage.

During the years we do not re-surface roads, $20,000 is expended to replace or repair existing sidewalks.