Fire Department

Important Contacts

David Harder
Fire Chief
Lillooet Fire Department
570 Main Street
P.O. Box 610
Lillooet B.C.
V0K 1V0
Station: 250-256-7222
Cell: 250-256-1694
Fax: 250-256-4518

Working Smoke Alarms save lives, reduce injuries & damage - have you tested yours?

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Emergency Preparedness


The Lillooet Volunteer Fire Brigade was established in the early 1900s; its early equipment consisted of a hose reel on wheels which was pushed or pulled by hand. Established as a small volunteer group, it has now proudly grown to a Paid-on-Call department.


The mission of the Lillooet Fire Department is to protect the lives and property of our citizens and visitors we serve, by providing prompt and professional services in the event of fire, medical emergencies and disasters or any other event which may threaten the public welfare.

Vision Statement

To be recognized by our community and employees as:

  • a model of excellence in providing services through education, prevention and mitigation;
  • a department that is synonymous with the term ‘leadership’;
  •  a department that fosters an environment of involvement, trust and cohesion;
  •  a department responsive to the needs and concerns of the community.

Guiding Principles

We believe we exist to help people,

  • with respect for all people;
  • that people are our most important asset;
  • that continuous improvement is accomplished one step at a time;
  • and to do what is best for the people we protect.

 Department Values

  •  Service to the Community

  •  Dedication

  •  Teamwork

  •  Positive Work Environment

The Lillooet Fire Department provides a number of services to the community and our visitors. These services consist of:

  • Fire Suppression - Structural, Vehicle, Wildland, Aircraft.
  • Rescue and Safety - Hazardous material spills, industrial, commercial and farm accidents, carbon monoxide alarms, fire safety equipment alarms, downed power lines.
  • Medical Assistance – BCAS/First Responder (NEW) - Assisting the BC Ambulance service with medical calls i.e. heart attacks, collapses and other trauma incidents.
  • Fire Investigation - Determine fire origin and cause.
  • Fire Prevention - Code and bylaw enforcement, public building inspections.
  • Public Education - Fire safety lectures for schools, business, clubs and associations, fire extinguisher training and fire hall tours.
  • Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention - Intervention and support for juveniles and their guardians.

9-1-1 Emergency Service

9-1-1 Emergency Service is now available in the District of Lillooet.

There are four reasons to call 9-1-1:

 1. To get help for someone who is hurt or very sick.
 2. If you smell smoke or see a fire.
 3. If you see someone stealing something or hurting someone.
 4. If you need emergency help fast for any reason.

As a citizen, it is essential that you have your house number posted on your property in a clear and visible location.  This will ensure that emergency services can find your house quickly in the event of an emergency.
Community Wildfire Protection Plan
The District is currently working on mitigating the problem of the Pine Beetle-killed trees on public and Crown land.  We need private property owners to do their part and remove these hazards from their property. This will in turn reduce the fire risk in our area.

Lillooet Fire Department Application Form


“Protecting Homes at Risk” Smoke Alarm Program

The Lillooet Fire Department, through a generous donation from Winners Edge Sports and preferred pricing from Kidde Canada, is excited to announce the start of our “Protecting Homes at Risk” smoke alarm program.

Our goal is to inspect or install smoke alarm devices in homes throughout our community. We will be targeting those homes with residents that are at a higher risk of injury or death resulting from fire incidents. These groups include: seniors, families or single parents with young children, those on fixed incomes and individuals with disabilities.

We have an application form on our website and will be providing them to service clubs and organizations throughout the community. If you or someone you know is in need of this service please fill out an application and forward it to us. We will take care of the rest. We will be scheduling the visits based on greatest need and the availability of detectors.

Together we can save lives.
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Working Smoke Alarms save lives, reduce injuries & damage - have you tested yours?

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