Important Contacts

Tom Willey

Building Inspector
Phone: 250.256.7422, ext. 234

Lillooet City Hall
615 Main Street
P.O. Box 610
Lillooet, BC V0K 1V0
Phone: 250-256-4289
Fax: 250-256-4288

Application for Development

Application for Building Permit

The primary function and responsibility of the District of Lillooet's Building Department is to administer and enforce the BC Building Code.

The Building Department issues building permits, conducts any and all required building inspections The Building Department is also involved in the process of a Business Licence application.

Building Permits

One of the chief responsibilities of the Building Department is the issuance of Building Permits.

Every owner shall obtain all required permits or approvals, pay all fees and provide all deposits prior to the commencement of work. Permit applications are to be submitted to the District of Lillooet's Building Department. General guidelines are available when you apply for a permit.

The W 5 on Building and Plumbing Permits