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Lillooet Farmer's Market

Ucwalmicw Organic Community Garden


In days gone by, Lillooet was known for the abundant, quality produce grown here, especially Tomatoes, Apples, and Ginseng.  Lillooet's geography, soil, hot summers and mild winters makes this area one of Canada's premier agricultural regions, yet relatively unknown compared to other areas like the Okanagan and Lower Fraser Valley.  The exceptional quality of the agricultural products produced here is gaining increasing attention across the province. Many of our residents cite the local growing conditions as a prime reason why they call Lillooet home.  
Did you know that our area is one of the few places in Canada where Apricots grow wild from seed?!  

Fort Berens Estate Winery

Our vineyards are planted on a sagebrush-covered bench, at the foot of the mountains in the Fraser Canyon and deep in what was the heart of gold mining country. Alpine breezes bring a cool end to hot summer days, and the afternoon sun lingerers over acres of vines. Sandy soil, arid summers, and moderate winters provide a unique terroir – ideal for growing premium grapes. Lillooet is British Columbia’s newest wine region with 150 years of pioneering spirit.

Texas Creek Ranch

We're excited about the future of Lillooet and viticulture is only the beginning. 
Being from Whistler - Host Mountain Resort for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games - with backgrounds in business, tourism and tourism marketing as well as political experience in a rapidly evolving region we know that with an outstanding climate for vinifera production, this will be the next great wine region of British Columbia.
Lillooet is an area of unusual beauty, nature tourism assets... and considerable opportunity.

HOOH Hops Inc.

We are building a fabulous empire of hops...right here in British Columbia.

We are Harvesters of Organic Hops, but we like the simplicity of HooH. HooH hails from the original Bitterbine Hop Farm established in 2009 and now includes a team of growers from across the Fraser Canyon. 

The Botanical Adventures of Sam and Tim! Two wily biologists try their hand at farming! Their passion for fine ales has evolved into a passion for growing its vital spice - the hop!/harvestersoforganichops

Wolfes Green Dirt Farm

Who are we?  We're Immian, Kymbrelee, Arycia & Riella.  We are your new neighbors.  Well, sort of new. Immian grew up in Lillooet, and Kymbrelee is from Arizona where her family has a veganic farm and farm box program.

Green Dirt Farm sort of came together when we heard through the grape vine about a great little piece of land that might be for lease in the Texas Creek area of Lillooet. A few connections and a weekend later, we spent our first night "camping" on the field to do a little digging around & see if this was the right place. That was August of 2012.

We fell in love and from then on, every free weekend we've managed to get we've made the trek from the lower mainland where Immian is privileged to work with Silver Hills Bakery up to Lillooet. 

This September we plan to launch a FarmBox program to our local Lillooet community - check out the FarmBox tab to learn more. We're excited about growing food here & sharing some of nature's bounties with you!

Tel: 250-256-0161